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Twitch DJ Playlist 03.08.2024

Bleached Heart – We’ll Both Die
Corbeau Hangs – Necroamor
Ductape – Anafor
Stare Away – First Drag
The Night Office – Lost & Found
Blue Party – I’ll Just Think to Myself
SEVIT – Drain to White
The Jesus and Mary Chain – jamcod
Whimsical – Rewind
Cocteau Twins – Blood Bitch
Switchblade Symphony – Dissolve
Golden Apes – Our Ashes at the End of the Day
Raskolnikov – Masterfreak
Selofan – Sticky Fingers
the pop ritual – The Fix
SKYND – Heaven’s Gate
Morlocks – Fear the Watchmen
KMFDM – Turn the Light On
MATTE BLVCK – Vows (My Shadow Mix)
House of Heaven – Within/Without
Twin Tears – Prisoner
Bootbalcks – When You Want
Principe Valiente – Something New
Giant Waves – Hero
Another Abyss – Death Unites Us
Desmond Doom – Cold
Cold in May – Just a Dream
The City Gates – Lapidation
The Bellwether Syndicate – Golden Age
Odonis Odonis – No One Left (feat. Actors)
Twin Tribes – Monolith
TRAITRS – Mouth Poisons
Give My Regards to broadway – Rend My Flesh
Mark E Moon – Dark Love
Pure Obsessions and Red Nights – When Memories Do Call
BlakLight – Blind Vision
Lighthouse in Darkness – Monochromatic Memories
The Jessamine – Synthetic Bird
Fragrance. – Much More Like a Wave
Rue Oberkampf – Solitude *
SUMMORE – Magic Pill
Boy Harsher – Motion
Actors – Crystal
FEE LION – Baby (Visceral Anatomy Remix)
Fast Radio Burst – GO NOW
Driven By Clockwork – Deceptive Memory
S Y Z Y G Y X – Your Sex Is an Accelerant
The Log Equation – Swamp Marque
Gimme Shelter – Demons
Sydney Valette – Ambiance Survivaliste
Holograma – Obliteracion
The KVB – Labyrinths
Vandal Moon – Today You Are a Child
The Secret French Postcards – Dreaming at Last
Kontravoid – For What It Is
Je T’aime – Kiss the Boys (And Make Them Die)
Discotheque – Post Human Love
Les Longes Adieu – Antenae
Makeout City – 12th Street
Curtain – I Can’t Say No
Alien Skin – Hello Mother Hello Father I’m Dead
Magnetic Skies – Into Paradise
Chmcl Str8jckt – Bomb Cyclone (Missing in Stars Remix)
ES23 – Now
Neuroticfish – Bring the Noise
Faderhead – Noise Night
Ruined Conflict – Sinners Dance
Matt Hart – Rotations
Ironic Sweden – Universe Friend (Extended Remix)
Assemblage 23 – Bravery
DV8R – Protocol (Faderhead Remix)
Intended Immigration – Barbie Girl (Electro Swing Remix)
Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. – I’ve Got No More Fucks to Give
Weird Al Yankovic – The Alternative Polka
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