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Twitch Playlists

Twitch DJ Playlist 05.17.2024

Plastic Citizen Experience Twitch Stream May 17, 2024 * First time played Date at Midnight – Rendez-Vous Dancing Strangers – Sleep Deprivation Then Comes Silence – Strangers European Sex –

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Twitch DJ Playlist 05.10.2024

Plastic Citizen Experience Playlist – May 10, 2024 * First time played * After the Rain – Wearing Like a Crown (Cyborgdrive Remix) A Spell Inside – Celebrate the Past

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Twitch DJ Playlist 05.03.2024

Plastic Citizen Experience May 3, 2024 * First time played * Leathers – Ultraviolet Conscience – Just to Win Audiocall – Love Can Repeat Itself * Black Nail Cabaret –

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Wilhelm Eisenhoffer Photo Archive

Wilhelm Eisenhoffer was an eclectic sculpture artist in the 1930’s and 1940’s Germany who constructed his sculptures using a combination of metal, clay and rotting meat. The Plastic Citizen has

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