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Design Asset Storefront
The first asset pack of 200 Vintage Photograph Back textures has been released. Over the next couple of weeks, more design assets will be released through Gumroad.

Print Storefront (December 2023)

The Plastic Citizen Experience Patreon (December 2023)

Twitch Schedule (Returning December 2023)

NeuGoth Coming soon to, mixcloud and an online radio station near you (platform TBD). I am bringing back my online radio station and a weekly mixed set featuring the latest in dark alternative, post-punk, and goth. Project is in the works and will be fully launched January 2024. Fellow DJ collaborators are welcome to become part of the project and launch their own shows.

Upcoming Art Print Series (January 2024)
The New Corrosion – This project is built upon the destructive principles of art creation. This starts with AI generated images and continually breaks them down through traditional art techniques to become unrecognizable. Printing, painting, destroying in water, reassembling, re-painting, spray painting, stencils, cutting, adhering, re-destroying, re-assembling, scanning, printing for a final result, whatever. You know, sequences of destruction to create something entirely new.
The Neverlanders – originating as a visual collage, mixing orphaned photographs and scanned textures.

Upcoming Live DJ Gigs
December 16, 2023 – Retro, Darkwave, Post-Punk, Dark Alternative at Bar DKDC, Memphis
December 22, 2023 – Retro 90’s and 00’s at Black Lodge, Memphis

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