Twitch Schedule
Fridays – Dark Alternative DJ Stream
Saturdays – Saturday Night Slumber Party featuring bizarre video, audio, content, designs

Print Series (store opening soon)
The Neverlanders – originating as a visual collage, mixing orphaned photographs and scanned textures. Designed using personal displacement maps, textures and Photoshop brushes.
Untitled Illustrations – digitally drawn, colorized and processed. Printed onto metallic paper.
Untitled Design Series – Mixing avant-garde and bauhaus styles .

The Plastic Citizen Experience Art Zine (Available for Patreon)
In development. A 16-24 page monthly zine featuring art, designs and other works that don’t often fall into regular released categories.

Sticker Series (Available for Patreon AND for sale through upcoming shop)

Gallery, public, event, etc… appearances. Dates coming soon.

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