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A Day on Witch’s Way DJ Playlist 04.14.2024

A Day on Witch’s Way DJ Playlist
Live outdoor event
Astari Nite – All Else Is a Curse
Trance to the Sun – Mala at Ease
Dance My Darling – It’s Magic
Switchblade Symphony – Witches
Promenade Cinema – The Arch House
Ohne Nomen – Darkness
NNHMN – Magic Man
Fotocrime – Head On
ACTORS – L’appel Du Vide
Whimsical – Rewind
Cocteau Twins – Wax and Wane
Corpus Delicti – Saraband
La Scaltra – Cantate
Book of Love – Witchcraft
Ultravox – Reap the Wild Wind
Visage – Fade to Grey
Bootblacks – When You Want
Odonis Odonis – No One Left
The Agnes Circle – Porcelain
The Bellwether Syndicate – You Can See Through Me
The Foreign Resort – Resound
Drab Majesty – No Rain
Palais Ideal – Barrel of a Gun
Lovelorn Dolls – Just Like Heaven
Vision Video – Beautiful Day to Die
A Slice of Life – Coraline (The Foreign Resort Mix)
Creux Lies – Portals
Blaklight – The Killing Moon
Vandal Moon – Heroine Dancer
Austra – Spellwork
Escaped Trees – The Witch’s Cage
Jah PHNX – Witches Tale
Promenade Cinema – Spellbound
iamnoone – Moonspell
Floating Ashes – Hex
Magic Wands – Joy
Mundy’s Bay – Glow
House of Heaven – Strange Temptation
Blood Dance – Blood Dance (Addictive Remix)
Rue Oberkampf – Solitude
Sydney Valette – The healer feat. Bernard
The KVB – Tremors
Twin Tribes – Sanctuary
Wingtips – Deaf Pursuit
Whispers in the Shadows – Revenants (Burn Mix)
This Eternal Decay – In Your Room
The Violent Youth – 20s
Queen Eleanor’s Cross – Brutus
Raskolnikov – Masterfreak
Bestial Mouths – I Am the Spell
Das Mortal – Wicked Desires
Street Fever – Trust
Terminal Serious – Shake the Brain
The Cruxshadows – Kingdom of the Moon
Then Comes Silence – Tears and Cries
Split Vision – Greed
Some Days are Darker – Downpour (ACTORS Remix)
Vestron Vulture – Psycho Ball
Ductape – Veil of Lies
FEE LION – Baby (Visceral Anatomy Remix)
Fiasko Leitmotiv – Panda Koala Vox Waves
Fluid Ghost – Black-Eyed Girl
Je T’aime – Kiss the Boys (And Make Them Die)
Kill Shelter – She’s in Parties
Past Self – Sewn Shut
Rosegarden Funeral Party – Doorway Ghost
S Y Z Y G Y X – Your Sex Is an Accelerant
Ritual Howls – Dark Ceiling in Tennessee
Alien Skin – You Minus Me
Darkways – Madness
Dead Cool – Faith or Misery
Neon Lies – Teen
Principe Valiente – Fiction
Tanks and Tears – Darkside
antiflvx – Danza Gelida V2
FEVR – I’ve Had Enough
Girlfriends and Boyfriends – Your Touch
God in a Black Suit – Little Empty Head
The Beauty of Gemina – One Step to Heaven (Re-Work)
The Breath of Life – The Lovecats
The Jessamine – Synthetic Bird
Xmal Deutschland – Allein
Sjoblom – The Storm (The Foreign Resort Mix)
Saigon Blue Rain – Visions
Driven by Clockwork – Deceptive Memory (Short Version)
European Ghost – Hermetic
A Transition feat. Gina – Dark Ambitions and Bright Lights
Fragrance. – Much More Like a Wave
Discotheque – Tiny Little Pieces
Drab Majesty – The Skin and the Glove
Soft Kill – I Wish You’d Go
Melt Motif – Full Moon
NNHMN – Gloomy Heart
SUMMORE – Magic Pill
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