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Twitch DJ Playlist 03.16.2024

Fleshtronic – Time
Eisfabrik – Gotter in Weiss
Ginger Snap 5 – The Blood Dances
Tension Control – Alle Wollen Geld
Aesthetic Perfection – Monochrome
Absteige – Glanz und Schimmer
Actors – Crystals
SPECTRES – The Old Regime
The Foreign Resort – Resound
Stare Away – First Drag
MATTE BLVCK – Vows (My Shadows Mix)
Blood Dance – Blood Dance (Addictive Remix)
Corpus Delicti – Appealing Skies
Cathedral Bells – Spiral
Principe Valiente – Wasted Time
The Beauty of Gemina – One Step to Heaven
Echoberyl – Through the Chaos
Sydney Valette – The Healer
Null Device – Red Right Hand
Kill Shelter – She’s in Parties
Darkways – A Forest
((Rant about phony Twitch DJs))
Wumpscut – Schlossgheist
Project Pitchfork – Der Tanz
Martine – Macht der Stimme
Branntshatz – (s)innocense
Rotersand – 16 Devils
Final Selection – Empty Ways
R.U.I.N. feat Alex Braun – Electric Flag
Melotron – Null
Affentanz – Hunter
Dero Goi – Clickbait
Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue
SKYND – Bianca Devins
Pino Angel – Make Me Yours
Cold Cave – She Reigns Down
Propter Hoc – Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Birmingham Electric – Stateless (Parralox Remix)
Black Asteroid – Ashes and Dust
Helix – Hurt Like Me
Sexsomnia- Nigrum Viduam
TRAITRS – Mouth Poison
Gvllow – It’s So Cold
Selofan – Sticky Fingers
Soft Riot – It Never Takes Long to Say No
Funker Vogt – Death Seed
Solar Fake – This Generation Ends
Neuroticfish – Bring the Noise
Faderhead – Burn All Night (feat. Electra Black)
Matt Hart – Rotations
Implant – Violence (Morph Control Mix)
Go Fight – Machine Rock (Interface Remix)
ES23 – Now
DHS – Haus of Gah!
Fragrance. – Much More Like a Wave
Tanks and Tears – Darkside
Houses of Heaven – Within/Without
Twin Tribes – Sanctuary
Mortal Boy – Sycophantic Fantasy
Then Comes Silence – Ride or Die
Starsailor – Dead on the Money
Rose Droll – Visceral Flight
MORE – Shotgun to the Head
Girlfriends and Boyfriends – Your Touch
God in a Black Suit – Little Empty Head
Me the Tiger – Post Denial War
Lovelorn Dolls – Beautiful Chaos
Bloodywood – Gaddar

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