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Background Stream Video

As many of you know, I have a very unique video background for my Twitch DJ streams. This was recently updated and I am now running a new series of visuals that have caught the eye of many people. This is also the set of visuals I use for the All the Colors of the Dark LIVE DJ gigs at Black Lodge Video.
This is built on hundreds of 4-6 second clips taken from modern industrial, goth, post-punk, and dark alternative music videos. Take a look and see how many of the videos or artists you recognize.
The video folder is put into a program called Magic that is a node-based live video production suite. Consider this a lower-end version of Resolume or TouchDesigner. It is a very low-weight program that doesn’t use much computer resources, something that I love having when combining the streaming.
Because the program randomizes the clips, as I add new content to the video folder, new sequences of videos are being output. Meaning, every time you watch my stream, the order of the videos will be different, encouraging a new flow of video. Remix hundreds of videos each time and you get a new experience.
Being a node-based system, I can easily add effects and processes to the workflow. In the case of this background video, I have RGB trails, some glow, some blur and a false color effect. The parameters of these effects and be sent through midi controllers and be changed live through midi faders and knobs. If I want to shift the colors, I can easily adjust the individual RGB color faders and shift the color as I see fit.
While I have a playground of live visuals I can play with, I haven’t been using them heavily in my Twitch streams. I have been setting the software up and letting it run. Very soon, I will be using the midi controls more often and also making the controls of the background available to users in Twitch chat.
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