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The Plastic Citizen is a versatile, interdisciplinary artist engaged with various media such as digital art, street art, collage, and avant-garde video, whose approach to creation is marked by a deliberate deviation from traditional methods, and a defiance against the norms of style and genre.

His work explores the juxtaposition of a grim, dystopian future with elements of whimsical satire and humor. This constant duality in his work blurs the lines between beauty and terror, the eerie and the amusing. Through his craft, he reveals imagined universes, where the human presence is notably absent, replaced by an assortment of beings that range from monsters to mannequins to haunted dolls.

Across multiple platforms, his art showcases this versatility through stencil artwork on canvas, screen printing, digital prints, and unique video sculptures.

Upcoming DJ Gigs

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Twitch DJ Playlist 07, 23 2024
NOIR Playlist - July 23, 2024 The House of Usher - Ordinary Days Principe Valiente - Strangers in the Night This Cold Night - 1985 Auger - Find My Own Way Out Bragolin and Adam Tristar - The End Dwells in Us All Raskolnikov - Stockholm 2 Actors - Crystal Tempers - Hell Hotline Hapax - Hands Soft Kill -…
Twitch DJ Playlist 05.17.2024
Plastic Citizen Experience Twitch Stream May 17, 2024 * First time played Date at Midnight - Rendez-Vous Dancing Strangers - Sleep Deprivation Then Comes Silence - Strangers European Sex - Blender * Night in Athens - Words Unspoken * Slow Danse with the Dead - Today Is a Good Day to Die * moonvampire - Gas Station Carnivals * The…
Twitch DJ Playlist 05.10.2024
Plastic Citizen Experience Playlist - May 10, 2024 * First time played * After the Rain - Wearing Like a Crown (Cyborgdrive Remix) A Spell Inside - Celebrate the Past Torul - Saviour of Love Beborn Beton - Dancer in the Dark (Piston Damp Remix) Curse Mackey - Lost Body Hypothesis (SOLVE Remix) Leatherstrip - Ghosts Again…
Background Stream Video
As many of you know, I have a very unique video background for my Twitch DJ streams. This was recently updated and I am now running a new series of visuals that have caught the eye of many people. This…
Wilhelm Eisenhoffer Photo Archive
Wilhelm Eisenhoffer was an eclectic sculpture artist in the 1930's and 1940's Germany who constructed his sculptures using a combination of metal, clay and rotting meat. The Plastic Citizen has acquired an exclusive collection of the last known (and possibly…

Upcoming Art and Gallery Shows

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Twitch Schedule (times CT):

Fridays 8pm-midnight: New goth, alternative, synthpop, industrial, post-punk and more

Upcoming Art Print Series

Resistance Rebellion and Death. Initial images are posted on the site and available for purchase through
Pointless.  This is a series of art, techniques and essays specifically designed to foster discussion about the use of AI in modern at. There are people who love AI art and there are people who hate AI art. Seldom do you find people in between, trying to find ways to effectively incorporate the technology into their work. Not as art theft or meaningless prompts, but as an aspect of a much larger piece. Imagine the process of destroying printed pieces of AI art and rebuilding them in new, unique ways. Or imagine using AI to create printed collections of generic images, textures, and abstracts that are cut and reassembled in the style of a collage artist. The purpose of this series is simply to show how the technology can be used in real artistic ways.
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