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Twitch DJ Playlist 05.10.2024

Plastic Citizen Experience Playlist – May 10, 2024
* First time played
* After the Rain – Wearing Like a Crown (Cyborgdrive Remix)
A Spell Inside – Celebrate the Past
Torul – Saviour of Love
Beborn Beton – Dancer in the Dark (Piston Damp Remix)
Curse Mackey – Lost Body Hypothesis (SOLVE Remix)
Leatherstrip – Ghosts Again (Depeche Mode Cover)
Depeche Mode – People Are Good
* Antipole & Paris Alexander – Nightshade (Clan of Xymox Remix)
Clan of Xympox – Lovers (Selofan Remix)
Selofan – Kiss in the Sky
Bragolin and Adam Tristar – The End Dwells in Us All
* Astari Nite – Tongue Tied Galore
Seance Mystere – Dreamers Web
* L’Enfant Terrible – Act
The Last Dance – Scars
Ariel Maniki and the Black Halo – Snakedance
A Projection – Transition
* Blood Dance – Blood Dance (Murcielago Mix by DJ Rickbats)
Korine – Burn the World (Kontravoid Remix)
Kontravoid – For What It Is
Helix – Hurt Like Me
Audiocall – Love Can Repeat Itself
2Libras – Infected
* Glinza – Ceci n’est pas
* IDLES – Pop Pop Pop
* Escape with Romeo – Freezing in the Summertime
Give My Remains to Broadway – In Your Eyes
French Police – Dance with Me
European Sex – Blender
Silentways – A Red Thread
Stare Away – My Cathedral
HAPAX – Bewildered
* Haunt Me – I Miss Your Lips Against Mine
Fields of the Nephilim – Power
The Sisters of Mercy – Floorshow
Bauhaus – Stigmata Martyr
* Black Asteroid – Meth Rain feat. Front Line Assembly
Front Line Assembly – Molotov (Remix feat. Seeming)
<PIG> – Crumbs, Chaos & Lies
SKYND – Jim Jones
* Kaos Karma – Break the Silence
Alex Braun – Der Gedankensammler
Implant – The Algorithm
Faderhead – Die for This (feat. Neuroticfish)
Komor Kommando – One by One
Matt Hart – Black Abyss (SpanktheNun Remix)
Moris Black – Wish NIN Remix
Noisuf-X – Black Doom
Eisenfunk – Pong
Naeon Teardrops – Outbound
Bootblacks – When You Want
Twin Tribes – Sanctuary
Actors – In Real Life
The Foreign Resort – Resound
Cold Cave – She Reigns Down
TRAITRS – Mouth Poisons
Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq – I’ve No More Fucks to Give
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