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Twitch DJ Playlist 01.19.2024

Plastic Citizen Experience
January 19, 2024

Antiflvx – Vampire Empire
Dancing Plague – Fading Forms
Poison Point – Mysteries in Fire
Tanks and Tears – Darkside
Chernaya Rechka – Pity
God in a Black Suit – Little Empty Head
Kontravoid – For What It Is
Massiv in Mensch – Lonesome lighthouse
GLIS – Sunrise V3.0
Stahlschlag – Madness (Anarchotech & Fleshbot Remix)
Distrtd Sgnl – (Bass) In Your Face
Acid Fader – Romanov
Haunt Me – Dying in Your Arms
The Violent Youth – 20s
Corlyx – The Echo
Holograma – Obliteracion
The Jesus and Mary Chain – jamcod
New Model Army – First Summer After
Gothminister – We Come Alive (Dancefloor Version)
Bow Ever Down – Ready to Die
moonvampire – The Perfect Girl
Rotersand – 16 Devils
Missing in Stars – A Final Scent (Fiction 8 Remix)
Ghost Cop – You Can Never Go Home
Star Crusaders – The Rising Pheonix (ES23 Remix)
Abu Nein – City of Dust
Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck
Shona Laing – Soviet Snow
Cold Cave – Glory
Actors – Crystal
The Foreign Resort – She Is Lost
Traitrs – Magdalene
Creux Lies – Portals
A Projection – Transition
Empathy Test – Monsters
Boy Harsher – Come Closer
Darkways – A Forest
Me the Tiger – Post Denial War
Your Enemy – Breathe
Girlfriends and Boyfriends – Your Touch
Fee Lion – Blood Sisters (Kontravoid Remix)
Buzz Kull – Burn It to the Ground
Death Loves Versonica – Burn
Emily Kinski’s Dead – Dance the Pain Away
Vision Video – In My Side (Modern Horror Version)
Who Saw Her Die? – She’s Dancing Alone
Miazma – More than Miles
Angels of Liberty – Love Still Remains
October Burns Black – Shimmer
Sweet Ermengarde – Tender Russian Roulette
Sonsombre – Fire
Decadence Dust – Lost in You
Shadow System – Smile before the Bullets
SINE – From Beyond feat. Leatherstrip
Miss FD & Vulture Culture – Enough
Faderhead – Burn All Night (feat. Electra Black)
Saphirra Vee – Stand Together (Eva X Mix)
District 13 – Turn Back Time
Sea of Sin – Don’t Let Go (XXXY Edit)
Trade Secrets – Violent Hearts
Kim Lunner – Love Is What We Find
Shattenfrequenz – Die Reise
Gulf Blvd. – Chemical Burns
Choas Doll = CODA 23

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