Rock, stone, mineral and crystals scans

This is a personal collection of high-resolution scans sized 5000px X 5000px to be used as textures or other design assets. I have created nearly 200 of these textures using a vast assortment of content material.

They have been reduced to 800×800 in this carousel, so some details are lost, especially when viewing the full-screen version.

Vintage Paper Edge Scans


Glitch Photoshop Brush Set (to be used as a Displacement Map)


Hello Creative Market. This page has been specifically created for you to view some of the assets I have been creating/scanning/designing for personal use. I would appreciate the opportunity to provide assets via the CreativeMarket website for others to purchase and use.

I currently do not have any assets available through other markets and I would like to be exclusive to yours.

In the past, however, I have released over 20 typefaces, dozens of Photoshop brush sets, stock texture images and much much more. Those were released for free and usable with respect to Creative Commons licenses.

Jonas Stoltz

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